Easy Meal Prep Recipe: Southwestern Quinoa Chicken Bowls

Hi friends! It’s my first post of 2018 so HAPPY NEW YEAR! While I’m not huge on resolutions, I’m all about setting yourself up for success and making goals you can achieve…which is why I am super excited to share today’s post with you because it hits TWO of my 2018 goals. SCORE.

  1. First, is always be healthy, be active…blah blah blah. This is not groundbreaking and I think we can all agree the new year is the time we all want to get back into shape. Plus, NOW is the time that will get us ready for summer. Ugh, but true. So I’ve been focused on healthy eating, drinking more water and working out.
  2. Second, is sharing more videos with you! I need to take my own damn advice because nothing is ever perfect and we should embrace our realness. AMIRITE?! So even though my video quality, or editing skills aren’t the best who the fuck cares!! You all always ask for more recipes, more beauty, more stories…so I’m going to give them to you!

So, without further adieu here’s a quick, one minute video on a healthy and filling lunch I made over the weekend that I’ve been taking to the office with me. I love making salad bowls like this because you can add anything you like to customize them.


One of the main components of this bowl is a quinoa salad. (Salad on salad, doesn’t get any healthier than that.) You can pick any quinoa you like, and follow the instructions on the package on how to make it. From there I mixed in chopped red onion, cilantro, lemon juice, salt and pepper.


These are the toppings I used. I didn’t add the dressing or avocado but just brought it with me so it doesn’t get soggy and the avocado stays fresh!QuinoaBowlToppings

Pack it up, stack it up! I usually only make 3 servings because I like variety and can’t eat the same thing 5 days in a row. I know, I’m so bougie. MealPrepHealthyLunchI chose to use Trader Joe’s Green Goddess dressing which is vegan! It’s actually yummy and creamy because it has avocado as the base of it! I also think a chipotle vinaigrette would be great with this southwestern style salad bowl.


What other things do you like to meal prep?! Let me know!

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